Step 1:

  • A no obligation first meeting, to get together and discuss your vision for the day. We have connected!

  • Your date has been tentatively booked.


Step 2:

  • To confirm your date, a non-refundable fee is paid.

  • A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form needs to be completed. Please note that the NOIM must be lodged a minimum of one calendar month or up to a maximum of 18 months prior to the date of your marriage. Please bring your:

               - Birth Certificate

               - Passport

               - Proof of Identity

               - If it is not your first marriage, proof of divorce or death of your former spouse

  • We will also discuss what plans you have for your wedding, how you would like your Ceremony to unfold and chat about your special day. I will happily offer some suggestions if you are unsure of which ceremony style you would like, discuss different options and answer any questions about specific ideas you have. An information booklet with advice and tips will be provided.


Step 3:

  • I will email you a draft of your marriage ceremony for you to read together and make any changes you would like.

  • Arrange another get-together to finalise the ceremony.

  • Our final draft should be finalised at least two weeks prior to rehearsal.


Step 4:

  • Many couples have a rehearsal prior to their big day. This is a good idea as it enables everyone to get to know one another and clarifies their roles and how the couple would like their day to unfold.

  • The couple will need to complete the 'Declaration of No legal Impediment to Marriage' form. This confirms your intention to marry and declares that the information you have provided is correct.


Step 5:

  • Your wedding day has arrived! Today you will make your intentions to share your lives together. There are two legal components to your ceremony that must be included. The Monitum and the Vows that will validate your marriage in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961; these have been included in your ceremony.

  • Your only role on the day is to enjoy, relax and seal the deal with a kiss!

  • Your Marriage Certificate is signed during the ceremony. This is the final legal requirement for your marriage.

  • Enjoy and celebrate the rest of your day with your family and friends!




I do! You have made the decision to both love, share, commit and support each other as lifelong partners. Congratulations! Now the planning begins!

The venue, dress, rings …… paperwork?

 There is a process involved for your marriage to be legally recognised in Australia. Don’t panic! This is where I step in to ensure that all the legal documentation and processes are followed, ensuring the validity of your marriage with the Attorney General’s Office.
I follow 5 easy steps: